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Latest News

31st of October 2018
Derick Wildstar has released a dual-reg mesh (Liberty and Hoagland), created for him by Craig Frey. It's available in MAX (9) format, a shot is below:

Thanks to Derick for his patience, and releasing the mesh. Thanks for building them, to Craig!

29th of August 2018
Citrullux has released his Ambassador class mesh to the STMC. In his own words, it's slightly non-canon. Still, it is a very nice mesh, in OBJ format. See also the videos on the forums.

Thanks to Citrullux for making it available!

24th of May 2018
Tom has released a set of bridge buttons as per the old Michael McMaster blueprints. They may be suitable for 3D printing though that's not tested.

Thanks to Tom for making these available!

24th of May 2018
Citrillux released another set of great meshes! They are the Federation ship classes Daedalus and Excelsior, and the Vulkan Surak class. All three available in OBJ, and they look like this:

And the Vulcan U.S.S. Devotion:

Thanks to Citrillux for these releases!

30th of March 2018
The STMC code has been upgraded to PHP7. Since it's a bit of a patchwork; please let me know if there are any issues.

28th of March 2018
In addition, Citrillux has released his non-canon U.S.S. Hellbender design. You might have seen it in the forums.

It's available in OBJ format, here is a shot:

Thanks for the release!

27th of March 2018
The USS Tempest mesh download has been updated to include textures, to get them please redownload the OBJ file.

19th of March 2018
The STMC was built to help everyone expand their creative horizons, and Viper has done just that by building a side-scrolling Star Trek game: Star Trek: Enterprise Defense. It's released now, have a go through his site. Enjoy!

5th of March 2018
As you may have seen in the forums, Citrillux released his U.S.S. Tempest non-canon mesh. An original design well fitted to it's era.

It's in the download section, and here is a shot:

Thanks to Citrillux for making it available!

23rd of January 2018
Hi All,

I've moved the STMC to a new hosting provider. It's now available by HTTPS, though the site internally keeps putting you back on HTTP for now. That'll be fixed over the coming days.

Most importantly; please let me know through email or the board if you find any issues at all. There is bound to be some!

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