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Privacy and use of cookies

In short: at the STMC we actually value your privacy.
That means we don't track users, don't set permanent cookies, and we do not use your data for anything else beside the painfully obvious.

This is why there is no cookie popup. We store no persistent cookies, except if you opt-in (tick the box) to remember your login details on the forums.

During your browsing, a single cookie is used to remember your mesh search settings. This is not stored or kept after you close your browser window, and as such is purely functional and not classed as tracking.

Cookies that may, in summary, be present:

  • A cookie named PHPSESSID. This lets the website remember your last mesh search. Essential for the download section to work.
  • If you opt-in by selecting 'Remember me' when logging in at the Forum:
    Up to four cookies, beginning with the name phpbb_trekmeshes. These are used to remember you, just like the checkbox said they would.

Personal data

We store a minimum of personal data:

  • Data entered in the forum registration and forum in general.
    This is used sole for that purpose, never sold on or used in any other way.
    Updating your account or deleting it from the user control panel will update/delete your data from our systems.
  • Data entered when sending an email, uploading a mesh or image.
    Again, used for that purpose. The information, comments, images, files and rankings you send, will be used for that purpose on the site.
    They will not be shared or used for any other purpose.
  • Website use analysis. We do try to monitor how often and how the site is visited.
    For this, we do not track nor identify users. No cookie is set, and no IP address or other tracking methods are used or stored to remember your presence.
    That does make the analytics less useful, but it also makes the data non-personal data. It's your data, not ours.


If you believe this policy is unclear, incomplete or factually incorrect, please do let us know via the contact option in the menu., Overview of all 3D meshes, Privacy and cookie policy