The Star Trek Meshes and 3D objects collection

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Welcome to the Star Trek Mesh Collection!

This site has existed for nearly 25 years now. The text below is what I originally wrote in 1998:

Station Commander's Log, stardate 52824.7

It's now over ten years ago that I began my search of the web for some good Star Trek models. I thought with the large amount of support Star Trek has on the web, I would find 3D objects easily. Not often have I been more wrong.

Most of the objects I found were so undetailed, I didn't dare use them in my rendering programs. Some were very detailed, but they were being distributed without textures and materials, or they had been converted so many times the details were gone. These models were nice, but not enough to render something and call it artistic.

Then I found Jörg Gerlach's Radioactive page, and sometime later the Wolfpak 359 page. These pages supplied me with my first high detail meshes. These sites convinced me to look for more, and I thank them for that. My search also brought me to Moonlight Creative Designs, and they provided me with a near-perfect (for the time) 1701-D and E, with textures. I had to convert them myself, but at least I had found my favorite ships.

I didn't want anyone to have to go through what I went through, so back in September 1998 I set up this page. The site quickly gathered users and finally Genotec.AC solved my bandwidth problems by providing hosting service for free. Without them, this site would have been gone somewhere in 1999! Everyone can download their favorite ships from here, and I hope this page will get me some new ones too, so I can expand my collection, and thus expand yours.

The present

Admittedly, I now hardly work with 3D, mostly due to lack of time. However, I try to keep the site alive. After 23 years, in 2022, I moved it to it's own domain and rebuilt the site from scratch.

With new mesh upload functionality in place, I hope it will take care of itself under my watchful eye, who knows, for another 25 years? Only with your help!

Who am I? Well, for the ones that are interested:

I'm 43 years old and after studying Computer Sciences at university for a very short time, I traded that for something completely different: flying aircraft. After flying Boeing 737s (-300 and -700 variants) as first officer for 3 years, I changed companies to fly the Airbus A320 (-200 variant). After a bankruptcy I left Europe for a short while to fly in Asia, again on the A320. After that contract expired I wanted to return to Europe and did so working for several companies, all on the A320 series aircraft. I now fly and instruct on the A320 series as a captain, settled again in Europe.

I started using 3D studio to compensate for my complete lack of artistic abilities. I can have something in mind, but I cannot draw it on paper. But, with the help of a renderer, now I can create good images without using a single pencil :-). With Star Trek taking place in space, it is a more forgiving environment to render in; though it is one of those "easy to learn, very difficult to master" type of environments. Having watched all series as they were aired at the time, Trek was a great place to start.
Not being a modeler at all, I needed the meshes to do so. Starting out with the most commonly known meshes around, I created some images. They were fun to create, but not much to look at. That's when I started my search for objects. It's now continued here.

Have fun,
--Erik, Overview of all 3D meshes, Privacy and cookie policy