The Star Trek Meshes and 3D objects collection

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Download section
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Meshes download - Disclaimer

Before downloading, you must accept the following:

The most important stuff:
You may only use the meshes for rendering images on your own computer, publishing pictures on your personal homepage or in forums. If you do post the pictures anywhere on the internet you must have credits to the author(s) on the image! You may not distribute these meshes without express permission from the author(s).

Further information:

The meshes and objects on the download page are mostly not my own creation, I collected them from several authors. As with any free mesh on the web, you may not use them for commercial purposes without proper authorisation from the autor(s). You may also not publish them in any way without crediting the author(s), and you may certainly not pretend to be the author. The original author(s) have put a lot of work in creating these meshes for you, and this is the only thing they ask in return. This doesn't mean you have to place the author's name in the picture you rendered for placing on your windows desktop, but if you publish the picture in any way, you must place the author's name in the picture. You may not distribute these meshes and objects unless you've got the EXPRESS AUTHORISATION OF THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR.

The author's of these meshes will be with the filename on the downloads page. I also converted some of the meshes, but I will not ask you to place my name in the picture of those meshes.

Copyright notices:

All rights on Star Trek (including but not limited to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise), and the various logo devices used in them, are reserved ©® by Paramount Global, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

None of these web pages are either endorsed or supported by Paramount Global.
Any use of any Star Trek material on this site, must always comply with the rights as set by Paramount Global.

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