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USS Shinano
By Ken Mayes

Example rendering of USS Shinano 3D model available as free mesh download
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Author:Ken Mayes (forum username: Desslok)
Comments:Here is the USS Shinano, one of the Federations first attempts at building a purpose built Fighter Carrier for the purpose of defending the Federation. Unfortunately she was the only one of her class ever built as the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty limited the Federation in deploying so-called destabilizing warships.
Blender (free) (blend, 54.12 MB) 146 downloads since 11th of September 2022.
Wavefront OBJ (OBJ, 38.33 MB) 170 downloads since 11th of September 2022.
Digital Asset Exchange format (DAE, 47.21 MB) 47 downloads since 11th of September 2022., Overview of all 3D meshes, Privacy and cookie policy