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2nd of August 2022
A new mesh was uploaded by Ken Mayes!

It is the USS Toronado.

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This mesh is available in blend, OBJ
Download it here.

30th of July 2022
The upload functionality is now also fully operational.
You can now submit a new mesh electronically. It will be reviewed and hosted. I hope to receive many new submissions! :)

New site operational, 26th of July 2022
The new site is now operational.
Next up will be the upload section, so users can upload meshes by themselves.
For now, the old site will go offline and the new site will be the main point of reference!

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USS Toronado
USS Toronado by
Ken Mayes.

DSC Era Enterprise 1701 Refit
DSC Era Enterprise 1701 Refit by
Chris Kuhn and Kirtemor.

V'Ger by

U.S.S. Castella
U.S.S. Castella by

Essex Class Refit, U.S.S. Endeavour
Essex Class Refit, U.S.S. Endeavour by

U.S.S. Reindeer (TMP)
U.S.S. Reindeer (TMP) by
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