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Site address change notification, 8th of May 2023
For a long time, this site was hosted on the URL

Since I am not Swiss, and registering a swiss domain is relatively expensive, last year we moved to

The Swiss registration for is about to expire. If you haven't done so already, please update any links or bookmarks!

11th of September 2022
A new release by Ken Mayes: the USS Shinano, one of the Federation's first attempts at building a purpose built Fighter Carrier for the purpose of defending the Federation. Unfortunately she was the only one of her class ever built as the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty limited the Federation in deploying so-called destabilizing warships.

Thanks to Ken for the submit!

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This mesh is available in blend, OBJ, DAE
Download it here.

2nd of August 2022
A new mesh was uploaded by Ken Mayes!

It is the USS Toronado.

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This mesh is available in blend, OBJ
Download it here.

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