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U.S.S. Reindeer (TMP)
By Citrullux

Example rendering of U.S.S. Reindeer (TMP) 3D model available as free mesh download
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Comments:This is a noncanon mesh of the TMP era U.S.S. Reindeer. Some specifications:

U.S.S. Reindeer (NCC-1307-A)

Porcupine class

Manufacturer: United Federation of Planets

Light cruiser

Active - 2268-2366


Length: 164,3 m

Width: 105.1 m

Height: 35 m

Warp Speed:

Cruiser - 6.5

Maximal - 8.7


12 phaser banks

4 phaser cannons

4 forward torpedo launchers

2 rear torpedo launchers

Additional systems:

2 K7 Computers (Revenge)

Activate their activities when the ship lost the bridge, and make decisions to save the crew and the survival of the ship.

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