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Not JJ's Enterprise
By Newdivide1701

Example rendering of Not JJ
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Comments:This mesh was build mixing elements and timelines: It's where if Andrew Probert's USS Enterprise from the Motion Picture were reverse engineered to the TOS era with numerous elements taken from the Kelvin timeline.

It includes three different types of bridge housing:

  • Abrams bridge with a large viewport on the front.

  • Ready room style where it has 2 viewports on the front and the bridge is below the high resolution sensor array and surrounded by port and starboard briefing rooms and the 2 viewports is the Captain's ready room. If Archer had one, why not April, Pike or Kirk?

  • Pike bridge where it has the traditional bridge housing that has a very low resolution bridge mock up, but can be replaced with a higher resolution TOS bridge rotated 36 degrees to port.

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