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Regula Moon
By Raul Mamoru

Example rendering of Regula Moon 3D model available as free mesh download
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Author:Raul Mamoru
Comments:As seen in ST: The Wrath of Khan, Raul released a mesh of the Regula Moon. A nice addition to the non-ship objects effective for use in stills or animations.

For different uses, Raul has released different Poly detail meshes.

Wavefront OBJ (OBJ, 13.67 MB) 37 downloads since 14th of August 2013.
Medium poly version (8.47 MB) 10 downloads since 14th of August 2013.
Low poly version (2.38 MB) 13 downloads since 14th of August 2013.
Textures:For all versions. (6.42 MB), Overview of all 3D meshes, Privacy and cookie policy