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DY-100 S.S. Botany Bay
By Andrew J. Hodges

Example rendering of DY-100 S.S. Botany Bay 3D model available as free mesh download
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Author:Andrew J. Hodges
Comments:The DY-100 is an early-era interplanetary space vessel.
DY-100' vessels used nuclear powered engines and were equipped with suspended animation (stasis) facilities for extended voyages.
The SS Botany Bay launched from earth in 1996 carried the infamous dictator and leader of the Eugenics war Khan Noonien Singh, where he was revived years later by Captain Kirk of the Enterprise. Khan tried to kill Kirk and steal his ship, but was thwarted and exiled with his followers to the planet Ceti Alpha 6, where he escaped many years later and was killed by the detonation of the Genesis Device.
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