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Species 8472 Bioship
By William Burningham

Example rendering of Species 8472 Bioship 3D model available as free mesh download
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Author:William Burningham
Conversions:Conversion to MAX by Erik Timmermans.
Comments:Rode Moreau was kind enough to send the reworked textures. He modified them himself. These textures make the Bioship look more like the one seen on the series. I like the work he's done on them. Check it out!
3D Studio MAX (MAX, 3.51 MB) 1827 downloads since 24th of February 2004.
Lightwave 3D (LWO, 1.23 MB) 1386 downloads since 24th of February 2004.
Textures:Reworked textures by Rode Mareau (), Overview of all 3D meshes, Privacy and cookie policy