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Deep Space Nine
By Jörg Gerlach

Example rendering of Deep Space Nine 3D model available as free mesh download
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Author:Jörg Gerlach
Comments:A very detailed, very smooth model with big and detailed textures. If you want to do close-up shots of the station, this mesh is your man! This mesh takes a huge amount of memory and CPU power! It will take a good amount of time to render a scene of this boy, so I recommend this for still pictures only.

There used to be a grey texture pack around as well, but unfortunately I don't have it anymore.

Poser conversion by Matthew.

3D Studio MAX (MAX, 10.14 MB) 12361 downloads since 24th of February 2004.
Poser (PSR, 13.34 MB) 7 downloads since 24th of February 2004.
Textures:Brown texture pack. (11.25 MB)
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