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Deep Space Nine
By Jörg Gerlach

Example rendering of Deep Space Nine 3D model available as free mesh download
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Author:Jörg Gerlach
Comments:A very detailed, very smooth model with big and detailed textures. If you want to do close-up shots of the station, this mesh is your man! This mesh takes a huge amount of memory and CPU power! It will take a good amount of time to render a scene of this boy, so I recommend this for still pictures only.

There used to be a grey texture pack around as well, but unfortunately I don't have it anymore.

Poser conversion by Matthew.

3D Studio MAX (MAX, 10.14 MB) 12417 downloads since 24th of February 2004.
Poser (PSR, 13.34 MB) 45 downloads since 24th of February 2004.
Textures:Brown texture pack. (11.25 MB)
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